Club! @ 7:07pm

  Young Life Club
will resume at the start of the 2014/15 school year
We had an awesome time at Lost Canyon!
 12th Annual Golf Touranament
Thurs, Sept. 18th
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 will resume at the 2014/15 school year.
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       YL office: 435-655-7115
Young Life is a completely non-profit organization. Giving is easy online.
To give to the Park City Area program, designate your gift to an Area Ministry and then select Park City - UT 20
(this link is not for camp or UEA payments)

Young Life Video & Camp
Thanks to all of the people who make Younglife happen in our town!
We always have room for one more on our teams.
Contact the YL office today to join our family! 435-655-7118


Upcoming Events
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Young Life in our Community
family_camp_web14_PC 3.jpg Save The Date 
Children 0-2:  Free
Family Housing: 
$180 per adult / $120 per child
adult: ages12+. child:  ages 3-11
Dorm-Style:  limited
$140 per adult / $90 per child
*10% off if registered by May 1st
Diana Kaps 435.655.7118
Our area number is UT20 (Park City).
Young Life Office 435.655.7118